5 tips to earn miles

5 tips to earn miles
July 29, 2017 Aeroplan

Collecting Aeroplan reward miles is just like anything else in life: you get out of it what you put into it. By researching the best strategies and looking for every opportunity to earn bonus miles, members can get the best value and enjoy the Aeroplan rewards they want more quickly.

   Earn every day

The Aeroplan network connects you to more than 150 brands in the financial, retail and travel sectors. By shopping within this network, many members earn the bulk of their miles on everyday purchases like garden supplies, holiday activities, car repairs and even home decoration and renovations. Our partner locator helps you find partners nearby, making your goals easy to reach.

   Earn miles twice

Combine your Aeroplan card with an Aeroplan-affiliated financial card when you make purchases at our partner brands and earn miles twice.

   Use the Aeroplan eStore when you shop online

Go to the Aeroplan eStore, an online shopping portal that connects to over 120 flagship retailers including Hudson’s Bay, Apple, Indigo, Sephora, Nike and many more. You’ll automatically earn miles on online purchases and, if you pay with your Aeroplan-affiliated credit card, you’ll collect miles twice.

   Pay your bills on your credit card

One of the easiest ways to add to your miles balance is to pay for your regular monthly bills using your Aeroplan-affiliated credit card instead of by cheque or through direct debit from your bank account.

   Cash in on bonus offers

Many bonus offers from Aeroplan partners become available throughout the year. Check out our ongoing promotions online to build your balance faster. Ensure that your email information is up to date so we can better tailor your journey in the program by delivering offers that you are most interested in.