How Aeroplan works

Aeroplan is a coalition program based on a simple unit system: an Aeroplan mile. When members participate in the program, they earn miles which can then be redeemed for a variety of air and non-air rewards. From a consumer’s perspective, coalition programs provide more flexibility and earning potential compared to individual merchants’ loyalty programs.

When members swipe their card or provide their Aeroplan number at a partner such as Air Canada, Home Hardware or, the partner buys Aeroplan Miles and provides them at no charge to the consumer as part of their shopping experience. The same applies to transactions made with an Aeroplan-affiliated financial card – the associated financial institution buys the miles from Aeroplan and provides them to members.

By providing Aeroplan members with flexibility and options to earn more miles, we enable them to redeem for travel and other rewards. With 5 million active members redeeming billions of miles for rewards annually, we’re able to negotiate discounts on supplier pricing for many of our rewards, including flight rewards. We provide value to our members for their day-to-day interactions with our partner brands. Our partners benefit from our ability to provide them with insights about the shopping habits of Aeroplan members. By leveraging the data across the coalition, we provide the opportunity to personalize offers, resulting in more value for our members.