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    Casie’s story

    We partnered with Casie Stewart, a lifestyle blogger who has been an Aeroplan member since she was a teenager. Watch and learn how Casie uses Aeroplan to reconnect with her family.

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    We’ve created a better way for members to book travel rewards

    As part of our commitment to bringing members the best travel experience we can, Aeroplan has launched a new travel search tool designed to enhance user experience, provide travel inspiration and encourage members to seek outnew adventures.

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    Aeroplan for small business owners

    After discovering a passion for web design, Ryan launched Ultrabrand, a luxury branding agency that services celebrity clients and global companies. Discover how he reaches his goal with Aeroplan.

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    5 tips to earn miles

    Collecting Aeroplan reward miles is just like anything else in life: you get out of it what you put into it. By researching the best strategies and looking for every opportunity to earn bonus miles, members can get the best value and enjoy the Aeroplan rewards they want more quickly.

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    New member tips

    By following these easy tips, new members will enhance their Aeroplan experience and receive the most relevant news and offers about accumulation and redemption opportunities, benefits, products and services under the program.